Tracking EU Citizens’ Interest in EC Priorities Using Online Search Data - The European Green Deal

The European Green Deal is the most ambitious and challenging goal set by the European Commission. Aiming to make the European Union, the world’s second-largest economy, climate-neutral by 2050, the European Green Deal will transform EU societies and industries. To support the European Commission in this effort, the JRC created a set of indicators to monitor EU citizens’ interest in topics related to the European Green Deal both over time and across Member States and their regions. Using web searches, the JRC created two sets of indicators drawing from the six policy areas indicated by the European Commission. The first set of indicators captures online search data related to citizens’ behaviour in the context of the European Green Deal, such as their searches related to mobility, energy, waste and nutrition. The second set of indicators captures online search data on citizens’ awareness, such as those about pollution, clean energy, ecosystems and climate.

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DOI: 10.2760/18216 (online)

ALBERTI Valentina et. al.